A Time of Connection- Service Immersion

January 24, 2020

On Monday, January 6, four students from the University of Notre Dame, joined us for a service immersion experience during their winter break. This experience was a part of the Urban Plunge Social Concerns Seminar in which the students learn about many of the major issues that impact urban communities such as homelessness, jobs, health care, race, culture, etc.

While here, the students had the opportunity to learn about the mission of the Sisters and to experience the inspiring work being done at several of the Sister’s sponsored ministries and within the community of Kensington.  At the conclusion of this immersion experience, what was found to be the most valuable aspect of the time with us were the connections made at each location. While at Drueding Center the students had the chance to shop with the food pantry guests. Later that evening they served dinner at Blessed Sarnelli Community in Kensington connecting with the guests through fellowship over a shared meal. The following morning the students visited Redeemer Valley Garden, connecting with the earth by preparing soil for next season’s planting. Their last stop was at St. Joseph Manor where they enjoyed playing games with the residents and hearing some of their life stories. We also enjoyed connecting with the students and are most grateful for their openness in learning from others and for their commitment to service.