Redeemer Ministry Corps volunteers, through a commitment to full-time lay ministry and sharing in the mission of the Sisters of the Redeemer and Holy Redeemer Health System, follow the example of Jesus, proclaiming the hope God offers in the midst of human struggle.

This is accomplished by:

  • Focusing on the main elements of the program: service, faith, and community
  • Sharing in the Charism of the Congregation of the Sisters of the Redeemer and the values of the Holy Redeemer Health System
  • Serving diverse populations throughout the Holy Redeemer Health System and the surrounding communities with special attention to identified needs
  • Understanding the Charism of the Congregation

Our Focus: Service, Faith, Community

Service: RMC’s serve full time in ministries of the Sisters of the Redeemer. They strive to be a caring, comforting and healing presence to all whom they encounter.

I have gained invaluable experience working at my sites that will make me a better physician and Christian. My volunteer year was an opportunity to experience the indescribable and cultivate relationships.
Beth, RMC 2005-2006

Faith: RMC volunteers participate in dinner and evening prayer as a community several times a week and join the Sisters of the Redeemer on a weekly basis for prayer. There are multiple opportunities for faith enrichment during the year, including retreats, days of reflection and the opportunity for spiritual direction.

Through prayer, I was constantly reminded that with God all things are possible and that I need to focus on what He wants for me, not what I want of Him. From my time in After Care, I take with me a deeper appreciation of the families’ ongoing struggles, the importance of love and to believe in yourself, and to have a positive self-image.
Jenn, RMC 2000-2002

Community: Volunteers live together in community. They gather regularly for meals and prayer and offer support to one another on their journey as RMC’s.

One of my goals of community living was that my community members would become people that I supported, loved, and cared for deeply this year. We all accomplished this goal! Living in community was such a blessing. I learned so much from each individual in the house. We learned how to complement each other, challenge each other, live together, effectively communicate and really enjoy each other’s presence.
Claire, RMC 2010-2011