If you are interested in the RMC program then it’s time to begin the application process! Please contact the RMC office if you have any questions regarding the application process.

Complete Preliminary Application Form

Complete the Preliminary Application form below, which indicates your interest in applying to RMC.

Complete Application

A completed application consists of the application form, 3 references (completed by a broad range of people who know you well and are not family members), a copy of your resume and a copy of your school transcripts (if applicable).

You can download the application form, reference form and list of RMC ministries here: 
RMC application
Reference Form
RMC Ministries

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until June 5 or until all positions are filled.


​Conduct two phone interviews (or in-person, if local) with the RMC program staff.


Once you receive your acceptance letter, sign your letter of intent to join the RMC program within 3 weeks. Accepted applicants will work mutually with the RMC Director to determine the best fit for ministry.

Preliminary Application Form

Service Placement Interests (Check all that apply)