April is Redeemer Month- “Planting Seeds of Hope and Healing”

March 27, 2018

This April, the Sisters of the Redeemer, Redeemer Ministry Corps and the Holy Redeemer Health System will be celebrating Redeemer Month.  This month long celebration is an expression of the Sisters of the Redeemer’s gratitude for all the Holy Redeemer Health System’s employees and volunteers who have dedicated their lives to the Sister’s mission to care, comfort and heal as seen in the example of Jesus, the Redeemer.

The theme this year is, Planting Seeds of Hope and Healing,  inviting us to renew the hope and healing in our own hearts and to sow those seeds of hope and healing to those suffering in the world today.

Towards the conclusion of the month, on April 28, the Sisters of the Redeemer in the United States, Germany, and Tanzania will celebrate their Congregational feast day, Redeemer Day.  During Redeemer Day, the Sisters and Redeemer Associates gather in prayer and thanksgiving to Jesus, the Redeemer renewing their vows and commitments.