RMC Day- A Day for Self-Care

October 11, 2017

The first RMC Day of the year took place on Tuesday, October 10.  It was a gorgeous, warm, sunny day.  If it wasn’t for the colorful falling leaves, one might have forgotten it was the beginning of autumn.  The focus of the day was on Self-Care.  Life as an RMC can be demanding at times and it’s important to take time to recharge and focus on oneself by establishing a regular routine of self-care.  Having a regular practice allows one to be better able to be fully present to those in one’s life. In the morning we took some time to reflect on how we can practice self-care on a regular basis.  Then, for the afternoon, we put this into practice by spending time outside in nature at Morris Arboretum.  There was much beauty and peace to be enjoyed.