RMC Day – A Day in the Garden

May 15, 2017

The final RMC Day* of this year took place in early May. The Redeemer Ministry Corps volunteer enjoyed spending the day helping in the Redeemer Valley Garden with Sr. Ana. The garden’s purpose is to benefit the community by growing nourishing locally-grown food, by sharing what they have gained from their labors and experiences, by education and collaboration with the Holy Redeemer Health System and other local organizations while benefiting the earth through sustainable growing practices.

All were pleased to find out that our day would begin by getting to look after the newest addition to the Redeemer family i.e. the baby goat and mother. What a joy it was to see the playfulness of the baby goat and the tenderness of the mother. From there we made our way down to the Redeemer Valley Garden where we helped to plant some peppers and weed a bed of asparagus. It was fun to get to meet some of the volunteer gardeners who help to keep the garden well maintained and flourishing. As we mindfully weeded around the stalks of asparagus ready to be harvested, we met a long-time garden volunteer who drew our attention to a beautifully vibrant Baltimore Oriole perched upon the fence. Our day in the garden concluded with harvesting some fresh asparagus and gathering chicken eggs. While in the chicken coop RMC, Emily was excited to be reunited with her buddy, Geraldine! Overall, it was a day filled with much joy, new life, good company and much gratitude for the beauty of God’s creation.

​Emily reflects on her service experience:
Yesterday was a much-needed dose of spring for me! Until this point, I have not really had the time or the desire to give myself and my life here in Meadowbrook a deep “Spring Clean” so to speak. As we weeded out a bed of asparagus with another gardener, I really took the time to reflect on what I would like to pluck out from my life in order to let other things flourish. It was the rejuvenating experience I needed to help finish this year strong.

*In the spirit of fostering and deepening a sense of community, RMC members participate in an RMC Day three times throughout the year. On these days, the RMC volunteers do not report to their usual ministry sites. Instead, they are provided the opportunity to participate in days of reflection, community activities or alternative service projects.