RMC Day- A Day Like No Other

May 15, 2020

Our final RMC Day* of the year was a welcomed change of scenery for our RMC member Emily. Since the start of the pandemic, Emily has been working five days a week in the ICU as a Patient Care Assistant.  As one might imagine, this can be both challenging and exhausting, yet Emily persists sharing her positivity as best she can.

For this particular RMC Day, Emily joined Sr Ana at Redeemer Valley Farm to spend the day together while remaining physically distant. It could not have been a more perfect, sunny day to be outdoors in nature.  Emily participated in the usual harvesting and planting for this time of the season. She shared how special this time was for her to be in nature. She found it to be emotionally uplifting and a nice change of mental space.  As dinnertime drew near, Emily made her way back to the Province Center, where she has been living, to freshen up for the evening.  No sooner had she arrived when she received a text message from Sr. Ana sharing that the pregnant goat, Juniper was going into labor! Emily wasted no time and quickly made her way back to the farm.  When she returned, she jumped right in to assist Sr. Ana with the birthing process, helping to cut the umbilical cords as each baby goat was born. It was a joyful celebration of new life as Juniper birthed two healthy twin male goats.  This was the first time Emily had ever experienced something like this.  She shared how it was a beautiful experience to witness how the instincts kicked in for each of the goats. This RMC Day proved to be filled with opportunities for renewal, connection, and surprises. In the midst of the darkness and uncertainty of the world right now, nature has a way of reminding us that new life can be found if we just open ourselves to the experience. 

*In the spirit of fostering and deepening a sense of community, RMC members participate in a RMC Day three times throughout the year. On these days, the RMC volunteers do not report to their usual ministry sites. Instead, they are provided the opportunity to participate in days of reflection, community activities or alternative service projects.