Reflections in Ministry- Saying ‘Yes’ to the Journey

February 27, 2018

My whole life I’ve desired to live in the United States of America for one year. I was fascinated by the idea of living in such a big country with a variety of cities and landscapes. I was also interested in learning about the American way of life. So, when I found out about the RMC program it sounded perfect for me. I especially appreciated the program’s emphasis on community life since I looked forward to having many people around me with whom I could share my daily experiences, as well as, being able to turn to someone if or when I felt lonely.

As I thought about my upcoming year abroad, I was very excited about my ministry and the opportunity to be a healing presence for elderly people. I did not have any experience working with this population as I only worked with younger children up until this point in my life. When I left my home-country of Germany and arrived at my new home in Meadowbrook PA, any worry I had about being homesick went away! I received a very warm welcome, which made it a lot easier to settle in. Until now (4 months later), I’ve never felt homesick because I have been included in this large family and there is always someone with an open ear and open heart in which I can talk to.

I’m living in a community with some of the Sisters of the Redeemer. They all have a lot of energy and I can feel the presence of God when I’m around them, especially during community time. I can feel the Power, the Faith and the Solidarity.

I’m serving as Activities Assistant at St. Joseph’s Manor, a home for elderly people. The most amazing thing I’ve recognized during my time here is that it doesn’t take much to be a healing presence to others. By sharing my time with them and offering a listening ear I feel I am doing a lot. It’s a great gift to give to people and a great gift I have also received! I have been able to develop a deeper relationship and sometimes even a friendship with some of the residents.

The residents have even expressed their gratitude to me for spending time with them. They have shown it sometimes through a smile or some have even taken my hand and said: “I am so glad that you are here.”

I am enjoying every day of my time here with the Sisters of the Redeemer and I am very happy that I was brave enough to say yes and go on this journey.

-Regina serves as Activities Assistant at St. Joseph’s Manor.