RMC Day- An Alternative Day of Service

May 13, 2019

For our third and final RMC Day of the year, we decided to head to Center City and volunteer with Broad Street Ministry‘s, Breaking Bread program and participate in their mission of radical hospitality.  We helped to serve over 285 guests.  Broad Street Ministry serves more than a meal 5 days a week, they also provide a warm and welcoming environment that helps to foster human connection, their dining room offers exposure to art and beauty and they also provide various services to help their guests thrive.  As a way to continue to support the important work Broad Street Ministry is doing we made our way to The Rooster for lunch.  This restaurant works in collaboration with Broad Street Ministry and 100% of their profit funds the mission of Broad Street Ministry.After lunch, we made our way to Drueding Center to accompany the Green Light Food Pantry’s guests as they shopped for their monthly groceries.

Grateful for the opportunity to break away from the week’s usual routine and participate in direct service with organizations who are providing some of life’s most basic necessities such as food while also honoring the human dignity of each person who walks through their doors.