RMC Reflection…Jenna (RMC 2013-2014)

July 31, 2014

Looking back to the very beginning, I think about orientation, and meeting the other RMC’s for the first time. During orientation, we learned about the mission of the Health System, and how Care Comfort and Heal play a role in that mission. As I moved into my ministry sites, I always tried to keep those words in the back of my mind. That wasn’t very hard to do since I saw them being brought to life by the staff on a daily basis. They served as daily reminders to me of how I should be acting. They also taught me more about compassion than I could ever imagine. As I move forward in my life I will take these lessons and try to incorporate compassion, care, comfort and heal into my everyday practice.

I have been invited into the lives of so many people this year. Whether it was patient and his wife in the Cancer Center who I quickly bonded with, the kids I saw weekly at pediatric rehab, the patients I got to know on the floor, I was continuously welcomed into the lives of strangers. I stayed in some lives longer than others, but with every interaction I learned something. I enjoyed being able to take the time to listen to my patients who loved to give me bits of their wisdom. Whether it was the secret to staying married, or a simple reminder to call my grandparents, I always came away from those conversations better. From the kids at pediatric rehab I learned to embrace life, and to find the joy in the little things.

Spending my year after college as an RMC volunteer is probably the best decision I could have made. I learned more than I ever could in a classroom. I will take the philosophy of care, comfort, and heal with me as I more forward with my career as a Physician Assistant.